Talking to French magazine Rock ¡¯n¡¯ Folk, dance duo Daft Punk admitted that if they could they would allow actors to perform their shows, so they themselves could experience a Daft Punk show ¨C but they don¡¯t play often enough.

The duo said: ¡°It would be possible. But we make too few concerts that it would be dumb to not be acclaimed by 20,000 persons¡±

The duo behind the now infamous helmets, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christ went on to say that back in the 90¡¯s they tried a similar stunt.

¡°In 1997, it was sixteen years ago, we play at the London Astoria. We weight the scales. I leave. Many people are waiting in line to get in. And there, some dude tries to sell me tickets on his guards.¡±

The pair went on to discuss their latest album, but more importantly the affects of their helmets, which has established them in the music industry.

¡°It is hard to tell what would¡¯ve happened for us without the anonymity. We have no regrets on that subject. We have a normal life. We met when we were 12,¡± said Bangalter and Homem-Christ.

¡°We listened The Velvet Underground and The Doors. We created those robot personas. We see the next generation appropriating it and it pleases us¡±

¡°Last year, the robots made an Adidas ad with the ¡°Star Wars¡± robots. Then the robots were in a ¡°Simpsons¡± episode. To achieve mixing Ziggy Bolan and Star Wars and integrate pop culture while staying anonymous, it was fun. We both have a superhero ego.¡±