2012 was a massive year for Seth Sentry. His list of achievements were pretty intense: three huge radio singles, an album debuting at number 6 on the ARIA charts, Triple J¡¯s feature album of the year and yes, Channel V¡¯s Oz Artist of the year.

And 2013 doesn¡¯t look like slowly down for good old Seth.

Firstly, Seth will be playing at The Metro Theatre on Friday the 24th of May at 8pm, where he¡¯s going to showcase his dazzling skills and of course, his sizzling new stuff ¨C including his new track titled Dear Science.

has released the new video, which is now available on the YouTube, following its premiere on Channel V, showcasing everything you could imagine in a Sentry video clip ¨C like driving around in a time travelling car.

That car is obviously the DeLorean (replica of the popular car that travels in time from the mega Back to the Future movies) before asking the question we¡¯ve all being waiting for since Back to the Future Part 2: ¡®Where¡¯s my Hoverboard?¡¯