Worldwide superstar, Rihanna is bringing her Diamonds World Tour to Australia. This spring, the Barbados-born chart topper, will tour Australia and our neighbours New Zealand, following her North American tour.

Her promoters Live Nation have confirmed that the dazzling and mind-blowing tour will go live in the five major cities, starting with Perth on September 24 before heading off to Adelaide on September 26, Brisbane on September 28, Melbourne on September 30th and two shows in Sydney on the 3rd and 4th of October.

The Diamonds World Tour has been both a commercial and artistic success, with Mick Stingley of Billboard magazine saying that Rihanna ¡°shined¡± during her performance. And concluded his review with, ¡°Rihanna is arguably the biggest pop star in the world. At only 25 she has recorded seven albums in less than ten years and sold millions around the world; she¡¯s more than a household name, she¡¯s a brand¡±

Furthermore, Brad Wheeler of The Globe and Mail, said that: ¡°The 100-minute thrill ride included a two-tune encore, comprised of the bluesy ballad Stay ¨C the woman can sing ¨C and the sky-gazing, swirling, upswooping single Diamonds¡­Rihanna¡¯s star is hot and still on the rise. RiRi has dominated the music charts around the world, with her singles, ¡®Diamonds¡¯ and ¡®Stay¡¯ as well as her latest album ¡®Unapologetic,¡¯ romping away in the sales.

Amazingly this was her seventh studio album in the seven years ¨C proving that she is a hard worker and clearly loves the music world.

The six-time Grammy Award and seven Billboard Music Awards winner has sold over 41 million albums to date and currently holds the record as the top-selling digital artist of all time, surpassing the likes of Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift.

Tickets for the ¡®Diamonds World Tour¡¯ in Australia and New Zealand have been on sale since Friday March 22 at 9am.