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Puberty and Sexuality

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Puberty is the time in everyone’s lives when the sexual and reproductive organs of both male and female organs begin to mature. During this time, you’ll find yourself changing both emotionally and physically as well as beginning to discover your sexuality.

For girls, puberty begins at around 10 years old, with physical changes beginning to appear at around the age of 14. Girls will begin to develop breasts and curves in their body as well as growing pubic hair and most significantly, menstrual periods will occur.

Now for the boys: puberty begins at around 12 years old, when their voice changes and become deeper, which is also known as “voice breaking”. They will also find themselves building muscle and putting on weight.

At the same time, both boys and girls will begin to discover their sexuality – basically when you find yourself attracted to other people, and begin to discover what you enjoy from a sexual perspective.

This can be a confusing time for teenagers. Your feelings and emotions will begin to change. For some people, they find themselves confident in who they are attracted too, whether it is the same or opposite sex. For others, they are unsure about what they like. That is not an issue – it merely means that it takes some people longer to find out what they like.

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