I think at this point, everyone around the world has heard about Gangnam Style. And I mean everyone¡­ The craze has surely slowed down now, but music lovers shouldn¡¯t be shocked that PSY, the creator the Gangnam dance has produced another music video ¡­ and another crazy dance routine.

The title of PSY¡¯s second single is titled Gentleman and being the craze it is, it has already received over 80 million views just three days after its release. Gentleman is exactly like Gangnam Style, (One could be forgiven for calling it Gangnam Style Part Two; Number Two or even The Return, if you feel like) an electro song with a catchy and addictive beat ¨C and just like last time around, you¡¯re gong to struggle to find out what he is saying.

That¡¯s not because it¡¯s a foreign song, but with a loud pumping beat, who knows what musicians say anyway?

Regardless this just seems like PSY continuing to pump the music charts to bring in the extra dosh. An avalanche of PSY electro beats hit the Western music world and clearly, they love it ¨C it was unexpected source to bring money into pockets. No surprises here that he¡¯s suddenly coughed up another repetitive song.

Whether or not Gentleman will become the over-bearing and over-used beat like its predecessor only time will tell. Hopefully though, at that point we aren¡¯t hit with Gangnam Style 3: Here to stay.