US R&B superstar Jason Derulo has kept his fans waiting for a long time now, since his explosive second album, Future History. Yet, fans need not to wait any longer. Derulo will release his new single, ¡®The Other Side¡® this Wednesday from his upcoming third studio album.

Derulo was proud of his efforts following the dangerous injury that forced the urban dance hero was forced to cancel his Australian tour last year. He fractured a vertebrae during an acrobatic move as part of rehearsals for the tour. Fans, least to say, were devastated.

Derulo took it on the chin and has since prospered in the time he¡¯s had to recover. ¡°I spent a year working on this album, and it¡¯s become my best work thus far by far,¡± he said of his new album. ¡°I wanted to make a record that I wanted to listen to all the time. Not just this year, not just next year, but for a long time.¡±

¡®The Other Side¡® is will be released this Aussie winter.