US Pop/rock band Hot Chelle Rae smashed the top ten of music charts a few years ago with their popping single ¡®Tonight Tonight¡®. So much so that they toured down under late last year to come together with their adoring fans.

Then they smashed it again with another explosive hit, ¡®I Like It Like That¡¯ from their album, Whatever.

Well, guess what, they¡¯re back again to stir up the music world. The new chapter in the Hot Chelle Rae story is that band¡¯s new single ¡®Hung Up¡® has been released in the Australian world of music.

The song is the first single from the band¡¯s new third album, which will be released sometime later this year. ¡®Hung Up¡® is available to download right now.