Daft Punk. Who doesn¡¯t love them? The guys that brought you, Around the World, One More Time and Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (and managed to mix it up with Kanye West to create one of the decade¡¯s biggest hits) are back with a new album.

That might not be the newest of news, yet, the leaked 13-episode track list for Random Access Memories certainly is.

DoAndroidDance.com released the tracks for what is surely to be the biggest album of the year and it¡¯s the first studio album from Daft Punk since 2005¡¯s Human After All.

While some of the tracks were revealed over the weekend, they are of course loaded with guest stars and supporting acts ¨C a dash of mixing it with the old and with the new.

Get Lucky is one of the tracks that features Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers. Williams and Rodgers feature heavily on the album ¨C which means the beats, are going to get even more hectic.

Then there¡¯s the inclusive of Giorgio Moroder on a track, which happens to be named after him ¨C which says it all really.

Punk has even grabbed some of that Aussie Rock¡¯n¡¯Roll spirit to mix it up with Contact, the final track on the album. Panda Bear seems like the perfect choice for supporting the track title Doin¡¯ It Right.

And that¡¯s no all. Rumors are around that Daft Punk are working alongside Mr. Kanye West for some futuristic tunes, which could be released a little while down the track.

Random Access Memories will be released to Australia audiences on May 17th, so it¡¯s best to be ready to grab it while its hot.

1. ¡°Give Life Back to Music¡± (featuring Nile Rodgers and Paul Jackson Jr.) ¨C 4:34
2. ¡°The Game of Love¡± (instrumental) ¨C 5:21
3. ¡°Giorgio by Moroder¡± (featuring Giorgio Moroder) ¨C 9:04
4. ¡°Within¡± (featuring Chilly Gonzales) ¨C 3:48
5. ¡°Instant Crush¡± (featuring Julian Casablancas) ¨C 5:37
6. ¡°Lose Yourself to Dance¡± (featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers) ¨C 5:53
7. ¡°Touch¡± (featuring Paul Williams) ¨C 8:18
8. ¡°Get Lucky¡± (featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers) ¨C 6:07
9. ¡°Beyond¡± (lyrics by Paul Williams) ¨C 4:50
10. ¡°Motherhood¡± (instrumental) ¨C 5:41
11. ¡°Fragments of Time¡± (featuring Todd Edwards) ¨C 4:39
12. ¡°Doin¡¯ It Right¡± (featuring Panda Bear) ¨C 4:11
13. ¡°Contact¡± (featuring DJ Falcon) ¨C 6:21