We have compiled a list of questions frequently asked by our viewers.
If you have any further questions, please don¡¯t hesitate to email us at ¨C contact@underage.com.au

Is it FREE to become a member?
Yes, absolutely!

Where can I sign up to Underage.com.au?
Please follow this link: http://www.underage.com.au/photos/signup/

The password needs to be minimum 8 characters long.

Mobile Number:
As per Australian standard, the mobile number needs to be 10 digits long.
Please do not leave space between numbers.
Entering in the correct mobile number is essential or you will not receive your validation pin via SMS.

I am having trouble entering the Captcha!
Within the Captcha field, you will see two numbers. For example: ¡°Count 5+4¡±.
What you need to do is, enter the sum of the two numbers in the box. In this instance the total is 9. (Please view the image below for further clarification.)

I cant see a Submit button!
The submit button will only appear once you have entered all the details correctly.

What is the ¡°Validation SMS¡± and ¡°Secret Code¡±?
You will receive an 8 digit code via SMS to the mobile number you entered when you were signing up. You will need to enter this 8 digit code to the corresponding box. Please note, this 8 digit code is NOT your password. It is there to verify if you are a genuine user from Australia. (Please refer to the image below for further clarification)