Russel Brand¡¯s I Am A Walrus show at Rod Laver Arena not only won Melbournians by heart but women by their pelvis. The seductive, comedical genius that is Brand, found somewhat of a second home in the arena, capturing his audience in an awe of fits and giggles and for the most part, philosophical agreement.

Brand¡¯s chosen support act, the English comedian known as ¡°Mr. Gee¡± awkwardly warmed up the crowd with simple minded jokes about the Stephanie Myer¡¯s tween hit movie ¡°Twilight¡±. It was often stereotypical and bland, most of what the audience had heard before, probably from the mouth of Karl Stefanovic in a crappy Today segment. The arena often retorted in light chuckles, mostly out of politeness. To his credit, Gee is a marvelous poet which shines through his ending sonnet titled, Jessie Owens, a tribute to the first African-American of the Olympic Games. It was truly heart felt and rhythmic but the crowd was clearly awaiting the coming of Brand.

Before the Essex comedian took to the stage, the audience¡¯s eyes were fixed on a short clip played on the overheard screens which featured brands Olympic closing ceremony performance of the Beatle¡¯s classic ¡°I am A Walrus¡±, intertwined with various clips of Brand from entertainment news programs, court hearings and paparazzi videos. Brand took the stage with a copious amount of clapping and cheering from the audience, clearly the fuel to his fire, most likely located in his pants. Ever the cheeky ladies man, Russel opened up his set by questioning his adoring fans if they would like to be his Melbourne ¡°night wives¡±, reassuring the gentlemen that this could include them too. Never the shy one, Brand dived off the stage and wondered into the crowd for a ¡°chat¡±, stopping upon lovely lass by the name of ¡°Coline¡±. Before Brand could sink his teeth into the old gal, he was taken aback by her ¡°hulking Brut¡± of a husband, who he took a moment to hug. Brand¡¯s aura is almost intrinsic, his metro sexual, compassionate and easygoing values (and sexual compass) flowing through and being reciprocated by the crowd.

When the bold joker made his way to the back of the floor, a young bloke, heavily under the influence of some wine in a Mount Franklin bottle caught Russel¡¯s eye. He then proceeded to draw the whole arena¡¯s attention by dropping his trousers and waving his genitalia (tattooed with ¡°Rock¡±) for all to see, becoming an inside joke between the crowd and Russel throughout the night, creating an instant bond.

From tickets as steep as 110$, Brand¡¯s followers did not expect a cheap laugh but rather the self recognized train wreck celebrity that he is, which they certainly did get. The Get Him to the Greek and Arthur star pondered on such factors such as celebrity status and his failed marriage with Pop Star Katy Perry. Perhaps the highlight of the evening was Russel¡¯s imitation of Liberal leader, Tony Abbot rigidly jerking off. Yes¡­that did happen. His made for yoga body made it all the more humorous, having every Tom, Dick and Harry laughing. You know what they say, ¡°It¡¯s always funny when it¡¯s true¡±.

Jokes and all aside, it is Brand¡¯s in depth philosophical thoughts which stem from Buddhism to Dick Icke that make his show truly memorable and set him apart from every other crazy person out there. His insights on marriage, celibacy, drug addiction the universe and sexual pleasure can often be found in agreeance by the audience, however drunk they may be. This is compiled with his well known adversity in the face of struggle that make the ¡°I am A walrus¡± show unique and hilarious. His Noel Gallagher and James Blunt impersonations are probably good enough alone. If not that then he does look amazing in skinny jeans.