Review By: Martina Calvi
(Martina is a 17 year old volunteer contributor for from Sydney.)

Since the release of their 2012 album, The Rubens have been on a busy touring schedule performing at venues all around Australia. Their sold out Sydney show at the Metro Theatre last Friday night and reaching No. 2 on the iTunes charts were some of the many successes already achieved by this young band!

Bertie Blackman supported the show, gathering a large crowd on their own right with their heavy beats and empowering vocals.

The familiar tune of ¡°My Gun¡± introduced the show, and even those who had not heard the band before were easily singing along. The three brothers Sam, Elliot, Zaac, friend Scott Baldwin and fill-in bassist were an interesting mix of performers; some of the boys were bouncing with energy while others were far more modest and relaxed. Singer Sam Maargin charmed every girl in the room with his deep, warm voice and emotional performance of every song.

The band seemed slightly overwhelmed by their sudden success, which has grown immensely the past few months, and kept it safe by playing a clean-cut, well organised set. Speaking only briefly between each song, the members of the band were engrossed by their own music. Scott however, sacrificed a drum stick to the roaring audience at the end of the show, much to a young girl¡¯s delight.

After a quick break, they returned on stage, where Sam delivered his ¡°favourite song to perform¡±. ¡°Never Be The Same¡± entranced the audience with its soulful chords, showing the bands clear Blues influence. Zaac, guitarist, revealed his true talents and took the spotlight for the first time while his brother played keyboard accompaniment.

They finished the show with an old favourite, ¡°Lay It Down¡±, which was met with cries of excitement in the audience, who sung every lyric perfectly. Sam proudly announced they would be supporting one of their major influences, The Black Keys, next year on tour in New Zealand. Such an accomplishment shows how much promise this young band has in store for us in the next few years!