Review By: Sean Wales

The first of two Good Life Boom Box underages kicked off last night in front of a packed house at Festival Hall. Headlined by the DJing ¡°mario brothers¡± Nari and Milani, there was truly no better way to kick of these school holidays.

When I first heard about Good Life Boom Box, two underages being held at Festival Hall, I didn¡¯t know how they were going to pull it off. But it worked. In fact everything on the night was well planned and well run. The crowd was amazing, the lights were fantastic, and the DJ¡¯s were lively and playing great music.

The crowd size was perfect for the event. So often these sorts of events are just crowded everywhere with people. With the three stages and other attractions everything was just perfect. Everyone was enjoying themselves, and why wouldn¡¯t they!

Ryan Riback hit the stage early with some great tunes and set the tone for the rest of the night. From there duo¡¯s Polyfonik, Slice n Dice and Timmy Trumpet with Chardy captivated the audience. Polyfonik were especially lively with the crowd getting everyone involved. Slice n Dice were their usual energetic selves as was Timmy Trumpet, jumping up on stage with his trumpet, doing what he does best.

The night was capped off beautifully with Nari & Milani treating us all. Will K and Trifo brought the first Boom Box to a close in emphatic style.

After this year¡¯s massive Good Life Festival we knew that they were going to bring us some huge overseas guests to Boom Box. So Good Life went out and brought us Nari & Milani. The duo were truly amazing. Their set was so unique on the night and got everyone in the crowd was up on their feet dancing. The bass, at times deafening, shook through everyone in the audience.

The lighting throughout the whole night was fantastic, but when the Italian pair hit the stage everything just seemed that little bit better. At times the lights were so powerful we couldn¡¯t see Nari & Milani. But as soon as the drop came they were suddenly there dancing on stage with the Aussie flag held up high.

It comes as no surprise to me hearing that they sold out three overage shows. Their whole attitude while on stage was something I enjoyed to see. They were having fun! Too often we see DJ¡¯s standing lifelessly on stage, but these true entertainers were jumping up and down, filming the crowd and just enjoying themselves as much as the audience was

So there it is, the first Good Life Boom Box. For photos from the event, please visit our Facebook page.