The name on the tip of everyone¡¯s tongue, Gossling has catapulted onto the music scene with hits such as ¡®I Was Young¡¯, ¡®Boys Like You¡¯, and the irresistibly catchy ¡®Wild Love¡¯. Making her break as an Unearthed artist on Triple J, Gossling¡¯s distinctive style of heart felt lyrics, graceful melodies and toe-tapping tunes has captivated audiences around the world.

¡°I am really excited to be a part of Make Some Noise,¡± said Gossling. ¡°It¡¯s great to be involved with a show that caters to the younger demographic. It will be a fun one!¡± she said. ¡®Like¡¯ Make Some Noise on Facebook for announcements and exclusive giveaways!