It is that time of year again when Supafame come together to bring you the biggest tour to hit the land down under! From the crew who brought you the Tic Toc Tour. This September school holiday Supafame touring brings you the 2 MOS WANTED dance crews in the world under the one roof! With a Dance Competition like never before, Supafame guarantee¡¯s this show will sell out and will be the best ever!

Featuring two of America¡¯s best dance crews.

I am Me
The winners of America¡¯s Best Dance Crew Season 6

A Crew dedicated to Inspiring, Motivating, and Energizing every individual to be themselves and find what makes them whot hey are. This dance crew utilizes the self-titled style, ¡°Brain Bangin¡± to leave audiences in amazement and often confused to what exactly they just witnessed. The style is a series of connections nad large scale visuals that create shapes and puzzles with the human body, brings the swag that is unique to southern origin Houston, Texas.

Constisting of members Phillip Chheeb, Di Zhang, Olivia Gonzales, Brandon Harrell, Emilio Dosal, and Jane Vankova, they are the champions of MTV¡¯s America¡¯s Best Dance Crew Season 6. They are considered one of the best dance crews ever to grace the stage and have been touring the world: inspiring, motivating, and energizing everyone they meet.

Ranges from 15 ¨C 28 year old, all races and culture, and both sexes. They serve as a message to the world the possibilities that await a society that puts asides differences and comes together.

MOS Wanted Crew
from America¡¯s Best Dance Crew Season 7

Mos Wanted Crew is a clan of Choreographers to rep not just as individuals or as a crew but to REP OUR COMMUNITY. Created nearly over a year ago by the Co-Founder of World of Dance Tour, Myron Marten with the great help from his close friend Jun Quemado, They hand picked a set of good friends that are very well involved with the dance community locally and internationally and wanted to come together as a crew to represent where they started from, raised from and give respects to where they are now as blessed dancers and hopefully to achieve more accomplishments in dance. They are not here to represent as individuals but to show they haven¡¯t forgotten where they come from and that is our COMMUNITY. The wanted to show that from what ever your history or background maybe, someway, somehow theres always an opportunity to be a star or a celebrity in your onw to be a role model and influence the future of our community. The name Mos Wanted is not to show that we are the Best of the Best or never will ever claim that, but to point out this is WHAT WE WANT MOS in life. Dance is the passion for Mos Wanted, just like 1000s of dancers feel the same way around the world. We are very humbled and blessed for the opportunity to create a new brotherhood of dance, as we look at each other as our own inspirations and role models in this community.