Please Note:
This article was published due to the large number of inquiries we have received from parents and guardians regarding the ID Under 18s held at the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre on the 26th of May 2012. The information contained in this article was provided by ID Under 18s. is an information portal. We do not organize any of the events hosted on this website. If you require specific/detailed information about the event (other than whats featured below), please contact the venue or the event organizer.

Q: How to get to the venue by public transport?
Traveling via Public Transport: NSW Transport Info ¨C (Plan Your Trip)

Q: How old do you have to be to attend iD?
A: To attend iD you must be between 13 and ¡®under¡¯ 18 years old! Security will check ID at the door and (for once) being underage is going to be the thing that gets you inside . IF 18+ PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE A TICKET, you will be turned away by security and will not be provided with a refund. (You must have a valid Photo ID upon entering this event. E.g. A school photo ID is fine!)

Q: What if I don¡¯t have a photo ID?
A: You can apply at your local Road Traffic & Authority office for a photo id card here.

Q: Drugs + Alcohol:
A: iD is strictly a Drug and Alcohol free event! Anybody found to be intoxicated will be refused entry without refund. Anyone found to be in the possession of drugs will be removed from the venue and dealt with by the appropriate authorities (Police NSW)!

Q: Ticket Refunds:
A: If you have purchased a ticket to iD, please note, there is a NO refund policy. If you have lost your ticket OR you claimed it was stolen we cannot replace this for you.

Q: Is there security at iD?
A: Yes!, Professionally trained security staff (male and female) will be present on the grounds including at the entrance and inside the venue and all toilet and bathroom facilities before, during and after the event. State Police and Event Paramedics services will also be notified and in attendance.

Q: Bag Checks:
A: Bag checks are a condition of entry and will be conducted by security. These checks will apply to each ticket holder that wishes to bring a bag or purse inside of the venue.

Q: Anti Social Behaviour:
A: Ticket holders are required to treat the venue and others with respect. Anyone fighting or abusing others will be escorted out of the venue, as well as anyone disobeying event or security staff.

Q: Should I allow my child to attend this event?
A: This decision is totally up to you (the parent). We understand your son or daughter¡¯s safety is paramount; we have taken precautions to deliver a fun, exciting and safe event. However, we cannot accept any responsibility for your child/children.

Q: Cloak Room:
A: There is a cloak room inside of the venue, where you can store your bags / clothing. Reasonable fees will apply on the night.

Q: Lost & Found:
A: All lost and found during the event will be handed into the cloakroom. If you do not find the whereabouts of your item/s please contact the iD staff at, 2 days after the event and we will be happy to help you.

Q: Merchandise:
A: There is a range of iD merchandise available during the event such as glow sticks & flashing items, t-shirts, hats, drink bottles, eco bags, and more.

Q: Can we buy Food & Drinks?
A: Yes, there is a range of both hot and cold beverages available on the night of the event, reasonable fees apply. (E.g Hot Chips/Chips/Pizza/Sausage Rolls/Meat Pies/Soft Drinks/Water)

Q: ATM Machines:
A: Yes, there are ATM machines located inside the venue.

Q: Will I be filmed or photographed at the event?
A: You may be filmed or photographed at any of our events and this media may be used for marketing purposes etc.

Q: What are the benefits of the VIP pass?
A: ¨C Express entry into the venue. Arrive at any time and avoid the queue.
¨C FREE VIP iD merchandise pack. (T-Shirt, Ruler, Pen, Tattoos, CD¡¯s, Inflatable Beach Ball + many more freebies).
¨C Exclusive VIP area located on the side of the main stage. Get to watch your favorite DJ¡¯s up close and personal.
¨C Exclusive artist meet & greet. Time to catch up with your favorite international and local DJ¡¯s.
¨C VIP Toilets

Q: Dress Code:
A: A strict dress code applies for iD. All ticket holders must wear appropriate clothing; thongs will not be permitted. Only wear shoes you plan on being comfortable in all night. Failure to attend the event in appropriate clothing will result in refusal of entry. At iD we have a no ¡®LAD POLICY¡¯. If you are dressed as a ¡®LAD¡¯ trying to enter the premises you will be refused entry without a refund.

Conditions of Entry:
¨C NSW Police will be patrolling the venue both external and internal ¨C prior to, during and following the event!
¨C The venue and promoter have a ZERO tolerance policy on violence and anti-social behaviour!
¨C The venue and the promoter reserves the right to refuse entry!
¨C The venue and the promoter reserves the right to remove anyone breaking the rules from the event!
¨C Both body pat downs and bag searches will be conducted on entry. Anyone found with any prohibited items will be denied entry into the event!
¨C Markers/spray cans and all graffiti tools are strictly prohibited. Anyone found to have these items on them will be refused entry!
¨C Weapons and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited and will be referred to Police NSW!
¨C Alcohol is strictly prohibited and intoxicated persons will be removed and referred to Police NSW!
¨C Chewing gum is prohibited!
¨C Lads are not allowed. No refund will be given to any LAD trying to enter the event. Strictly Enforced!
¨C Anyone wearing prohibited clothing inside the venue will be removed from the event!
¨C Roaming security teams inside the venue will ensure the event is trouble-free during the event!
¨C Persons under the age of 18 only will be permitted. All patrons entering the site must have a valid photo ID! ID will be CHECKED!
¨C If you are NOT coming for the love of the music then please do not come!
¨C Security and Local Police will ensure all policies are enforced throughout the event!
¨C Professional recording or broadcast devices without the promoter¡¯s permission are strictly prohibited! (E.g. camera¡¯s/Video camera¡¯s)

* LAD Clothing = Nike TN¡¯s, Nautica Branded clothing, Nike Dri-Fit/Nike-Fit hats or caps (includes any sort of hats/caps/snapbacks), Polo Branded clothing, CCC shorts or any sort of LAD attire. Security and police will not hesitate to act upon this. If you are caught breaking any of the above conditions, you WILL be refused entry without a refund!

* By entering our event you have agreed to all our Terms & Conditions