Triple J announces Money For Rope as the winner of the Triple J Unearthed Push Over competition. Scoring a spot on the line up of Victoria¡¯s longest running all ages music festival, Money For Rope were announced as the official winners today on Lunch with Lewis McKirdy.

If the Triple J Unearthed Push Over winners from the last two years are anything to go by, Money For Rope is set for big things. With 2010¡¯s winner Husky becoming the first Australian band to ever be signed to Nirvana¡¯s label Sub Pop Records in the US and 2011¡¯s winner Big Scary invited to perform at next months SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Likened to Radio Birdman, Sunnyboys and the Saints, Money For Rope are set to rock Push Over festival goers with their crazed rock¡¯n¡¯soul sounds. With the self-confessed jaw-dropping energy of two drum kits, two guitars, a bass, four voices and keys, be sure to check out their set at Push Over this year.

Push Over Set Times:

BLUE STAGE TIME RED STAGE TIME PARKWAY DRIVE 7.10-8.00 NORTHLANE 6.20-6.50 360 6.10-6.40 SKYWAY 5.30-6.00 TONIGHT ALIVE 5.20-5.50 HANDS LIKE HOUSES 4.40-5.10 DANGEROUS 4.30-5.00 MINDSET 3.50-4.20 YACHT CLUB DJS 3.40-4.10 THIS TOWN A FOREST 3.00-3.30 REDCOATS 2.50-3.20 HALLOWER 2.10-2.40 GLASS TOWERS 2.00-2.30 AWAKEN I AM 1.20-1.50 EAGLE AND THE WORM 1.10-1.40 BORIS THE BLADE 12.30-1.00 8 BIT LOVE 12.20-12.50

GREEN STAGE TIME BLACK STAGE TIME RED INK 7.30-8.00 MANTRA 5.20-5.50 SNAKADAKTAL 6.40-7.10 BREAKIN¡¯ BATTLE FINAL 4.50-5.10 TRIPLE J UNEARTHED 5.35-6.05 MC BATTLE FINAL 4.35-4.50 BROOKLYN 4.45-5.15 BREAKIN¡¯ BATTLE ROUND 2 4.15-4.35 HALLY 4.10-4.30 MC BATTLE 3.30-4.15 PETE JONES 3.40-4.00 BREAKIN¡¯ BATTLE ROUND 1 2.30-3.20 CAPTAIN CUSTARD 3.10-3.30 ELOJI 2.05-2.20 PAPER ARCADE 2.40-3.00 SENORITA SUGAR 1.35-1.55 ALTITUDE 2.10-2.30 AiL 1.10-1.25 GRANSTON DISPLAY 1.40-2.00 MzRIZK 12.00-1.00 THE BRASS MONKEYS 1.10-1.30 DAYDREAM ARCADE 12.40-1.00 ANIMAUX 12.10-12.30