The Pretty Reckless¡¯?debut album ¡®Light Me Up¡¯ runs the gamut of emotions alternating at times between seething rage and a bruised vulnerability. It brims with a lust for life that grabs you by the balls and ¡°not since Saint Joan of Jett first grabbed a guitar has hard rock sounded this sexy¡± ¨C?New York post

Heroes For Hire?have been taking over the airwaves with their infectious anthems ¡®All Messed Up¡¯ and ¡®Secrets, Lies And Sins¡¯ taken from their sophomore album ¡®Take One For The Team¡¯.

Armed with an air-tight live show and irresistibly catchy sing-alongs?Heroes For Hire?are firmly at the forefront of the Australian pop punk realm with?Blunt Magazine?declaring ¡°we¡¯ve all been hopelessly trying to fill the void that?Fall Out Boy?left in our collections. Enter?Heroes For Hire.¡±