At the turn of the millennium, Slipknot stormed onto world stages proceeding to reset the course of metal. On the 10 year anniversary of their breakthrough album ¡®Iowa¡¯, Slipknot are set to unleash their malevolent fury upon Australia. Touring as one of the headliners of Soundwave 2012.

Slipknot will lead their unholy army of maggots through the nine circles of hell as they play 2 headline shows in Sydney and Melbourne.

Joining the mayhem will be none other than metal juggernauts Trivium. Trivium return armed with their most dynamic offering to date; ¡®In Waves¡¯. It¡¯s a statement that encompasses boundary-defying music, moods, movement, and visuals. It¡¯s a statement that¡¯s emblematic of their evolution. ¡°Blunt, focused and inventive, it¡¯s as near to classic metal as Trivium have been¡± ¨C Q Magazine

Having decimated audiences around the globe on the world¡¯s biggest stages, Trivium are set to deliver their trademark brutal live performances as part of their only Australian sideshows.