Lamb Of God is fuelling the evolution of heavy metal in the new millennium!!

Hitting with the force of an invading apocalyptic army, Lamb Of God are back to inject Australia with a crippling dose of pure metal. With a reputation as one of the most savage live acts to ever grace the stage, fans can prepare for the onslaught for two headline sidewaves in Brisbane and Canberra.

Pioneers of melodic death metal, Swedish metal giants In Flames have paved an enviable career spanning more than 20 years filled with millions of album sales and a slew of bone-crushing albums. Their 10th album ¡®Sounds Of A Playground Fading¡¯ is their most ambitious offering to date, heralding a new chapter in the bands history with Rocksound declaring In Flames a band ¡®¡±In their prime¡±.

Paving a path of destruction, terrorizing audiences throughout the world with their unbridled passionate live shows The Black Dahlia Murder deliver a barrage of brutal breakdowns and technical death metal with knife like precision. They have made a career out of being unpredictable, unclassifiable and uncompromising. Their new album ¡®Ritual¡¯ is the perfect snapshot of their career with Metal Underground calling it an ¡°absolute masterpiece of melodic death metal¡±.