Powerhouse Productions are proud to present Godspeed 2012. Featuring a stellar line up of national and international Hardcore/Hardstyle DJs, this is guaranteed to be a banging event. Get your tickets fast because this is a limited capacity event.

Angerfist LIVE ¨C www.facebook.com/angerfistmusic
The Prophet ¨C www.facebook.com/djtheprophet
Negative A ¨C www.facebook.com/djnegativea
Scott Brown ¨C www.facebook.com/djscottbrown
Dutch Master ¨C www.facebook.com/DutchMasterPage
A-Lusion ¨C www.facebook.com/alusion
S Dee ¨C www.facebook.com/producersdee
Weaver ¨C www.facebook.com/djweaver
Suae ¨C www.facebook.com/djsuae
XDream ¨C www.facebook.com/jamielee.howe.DJ.XDream
Matrix ¨C www.facebook.com/toby.matrix
JTS ¨C www.facebook.com/JTStanhope
MC Losty ¨C www.facebook.com/mclosty
MC D ¨C www.facebook.com/MCD4thltr
Erase MC ¨C www.facebook.com/3rase.mc