Racing hard out and running wild, Break The Ice Fest 2012 is the real deal. A combination of killer international bands and the best Australian hardcore has to offer, this is a festival of a?different breed. Broken Hive in collaboration with Ash Hull Management have put together a line up that boasts new and old artists, bands from round the corner and around the world.

Headlining the event will be Baltimore, Maryland¡¯s most notorious sons, Trapped Under Ice. Touring their groundbreaking 2011 release Big Kiss Goodnight (Released in Australia by Sydney¡¯s Dogfight Records), TUI will once again whip Australian audiences into a frenzy with their heavy hardcore and crowd friendly lyrics.

Main supports for Break The Ice will be Melbourne¡¯s long time favourite sons, 50 Lions and Hopeless. 50 Lions come out of inactivity to launch upon the stage for a rare Melbourne all ages appearance. Hopeless will emerge from months of writing and recording to unleash new material and crowd favourites in a way only they can.

Also taking to the stage will be returning heroes Shinto Katana and Dropsaw, both on the brink of new releases. Sydney¡¯s hardest working bands Relentless and Phantoms. Anchor from Sweden, making their first trip to Australia with support from Pee Records. Keeping the local side strong will also be Iron Mind and Warbrain, two bands who no longer need introductions after unleashing amazing new releases in 2011 in Hell Split Wide Open and Paranoia.

It all takes place Saturday March 10th at Seaford Community Hall, Seaford, the site of many landmark moments in Australian hardcore. Break The Ice Fest has more surprises up its sleeve to be revealed in the coming weeks, so be on the look out for those as they come to light.