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This article was prepared due to the large number of inquiries we have received by parents regarding the Good Life Under 18 Music Festival held at Flemington Race Course on the 9th of March 2012. is a third party events portal. We are not affiliated with the event. However we have copied the following information from the Good Life Music Festival website for your convenience. For the most accurate information, please always refer to the official event website.

Parents Information:

This event is from under 18s only (13 ¨C 17 years of age). If you are 18 or over you can not attend the event. This includes parents wishing to come along with their kids or older siblings wishing to look after their young brother/sister. We employ Australia¡¯s best Security company; NEW BREED. Firm but friendly is our security motto. Security is deployed around the parklands surrounding the venue. Our event is monitored by Security CCTV. We have regular police patrols in and around the venue. All patrons enter via metal detectors & all bags must be presented to security for search prior to entry. ID may be required to prove your child is under 18. We recommend a STA student ID card, Keypass or a learners permit. This event is recommend for teenagers 13 ¨C 17 years old. Our event has a zero tolerance on drugs and alcohol. We don¡¯t just say it, we are pro active about it. Police are on site all day. Our 2012 event will increase the amount of breath testing at the entry gates. We have 3 check ppints that all patrons must go through prior to entry. 1) bag checks, 2) metal detector, 3) breathalyser. This event is also smoke free and our security team do polity ask anyone caught smoking to extinguish their cigarette. It is however against the law for our security officers to confiscate cigarettes from anyone. It is your responsibility as a parent to educate your child on the dangers of smoking. We do not allow pass outs. Once your child has entered the event, we deter any reason for them to leave. We keep them in a secure and safe environment. Your child may leave early should you wish to pick them up prior to the close of the event. St Johns is on standby, they mostly treat the occasional sunburn or dehydration. But we have them ready to go should the need arise. Once again, better to be safe than sorry.We have 4 St Johns sites around the venue, along with an St Johns Van and a registered doctor (G.P) on site. Fence lines will be created for the 2012 event. These fences are 10m apart and security dogs roam freely in between the 2 fences. Should you attempt to gain entry illegally into good life and jump the first fence, you will find yourself face to face with a pack of german shepherd security dogs. Further more, everyone that enters the event will be given a wristband, if you are found inside the venue without a wristband, you will be evicted from the bowl. ?Theft is a concern at all major events, whether it be at an AFL match, Moomba, The Royal Melbourne Show, a Pink concert or even at Good Life. Try to avoid bringing valuables and make sure your mobile and wallet/purse is put in a zipped pocked. We cannot take responsibility for stolen items. We do not have lockers at this venue. A secure cloak room is available and it has been quadrupled in size. Extra large bags and suitcases are not permitted into the grounds. Small bags, small backpacks and handbags are permitted to be put into the cloak room. Patrons entering GLF allow permission to be filmed or photographed for promotional use or by the media. We have areas with shade at the venue, with large market umbrellas on the grassy embankment. Be sun smart and wear spf 30+ and then reapply some FREE sunscreen, available from the St John¡¯s team or the staff at the pools/jacuzzis. We also have over 30 FREE WATER fountains at the event. Sealed plastic bottles of water or empty plastic bottles are allowed into the venue. We have 3 large toilet blocks at the event. Hot & cold food options are available at the event with 5 different food vendors from Souvlaki stand to pizza to hot dogs, burgers and fries. We also have Ice Creams for sale and 6 Bars ( selling water, soft drinks and energy drinks). Market stalls are on site selling novelty toys, glow sticks and merchandise. Management reserves the right to refuse entry for any reason. Tickets are not refunded for patrons who break any of the above rules. Any questions¡­ we are hear to help. Just email us