So we are here with the newly formed trio, born out of Melbourne¡¯s electronic dance music scene ¨C SCNDL, who, comprising of Tommy G, Adam G & Nick Litsis have already set dance floors state wide on fire with their early releases and have been a hot topic of conversation on many OZ label¡¯s lips.

Gents, how are we? Tell us a little about yourselves?
Very well thanks mate! Well there isn¡¯t that much to tell really, we¡¯re three good mates with a love of EDM and a dream to make OUR music not only played around the world but loved and listened to wherever you go!

Sounds great fellas, we wish you all the best! So why SCNDL & what does it stand for?
It doesn¡¯t really stand for anything, we¡¯re not THAT creative, it¡¯s the word SCANDAL with both vowels removed¡­ We thought it was pretty cool, catchy and simple, but you know, we like repetitive kick drum beats as well haha.

Well we definitely like the name! What¡¯s happening in the world of SCNDL at the moment?
At the moment we¡¯re really looking to change the sound that we all listen to in Melbourne (big dreams huh!). We see so much depth around the world and are trying to bring all the flavors with a SCNDL twist to the scene! We¡¯re in the process of working on our EP which will be featuring all types of Electronic music & vocalists from not only here but the US, topping it off remixes from some of the leaders in the Oz scene! It¡¯s all very exciting.

WOW! That¡¯s awesome guys, so we¡¯re guessing this isn¡¯t a weekend project and can expect much more. What kind of sound are you chasing & what influences have you had?
We definitely hope it¡¯s more than a weekend project to say the least! We¡¯ve started off with a more mainstream dirty dutch sound influenced by the likes of Afrojack & Chuckie, but we¡¯re now moving toward a combination of dirty dutch drops, big room synths and festival builds! We make a lot of our own synths as oppose to using present sounds, so we have that unique edge! We¡¯re taking our favorite genre¡¯s and combining them with our own twist!

Sounds funky fellas! Have you had any interest from any EDM labels yet?
Yeah we definitely have! But you know all that¡¯s on a need to know basis right now, but we can say, to look out for our stuff as we WILL have some stuff coming out late this year/early 2012! We¡¯ve also had some awesome support from Oz¡¯s biggest DJ¡¯s regarding our tracks such as the likes of BOMBS AWAY.

Sounds great! Can¡¯t wait to hear some more stuff. Where do you guys see yourself in 5 years?
We¡¯d be happy wherever we are to be honest! As long as we can live comfortably doing what we love (making music) then we¡¯d be happy. Ideally, we¡¯d love to be touring Australia and (if lady luck is really on our side), touring or doing shows throughout the world! That¡¯s the dream. Gotta live the dream!

Goodluck with that! Would be fantastic to see some new blood around the globe. So what¡¯s the next frontier for SCNDL?
We¡¯re gonna keep pushing out floorfiller tracks and searching for that illusive ¡°hit¡± track! We love what we do and we do what we love, let¡¯s hope that counts for something! Let the music lead the way.

Thanks fellas, we¡¯ll keep both eyes out!

SCNDL ¨C Stereotypes (Original Mix) by SCNDL

Steve Angello ¨C Knas (SCNDL Edit) SAMPLE by SCNDL