Future Entertainment is proud to announce the return of Liverpool-based indie rockers The Wombats to Australia!

Following on from the enormous success of their chart-topping sophomore release ¡®The Wombats Proudly Present¡­ This Modern Glitch¡¯, The Wombats are back down under for a run of dates that are sure to electrify audiences nationally!

After a tireless summer touring the biggest European festivals as well as an extensive run of headline shows, The Wombats are now getting ready to celebrate the phenomenal success of their latest album with their biggest Aussie tour to date.

This return will see the British trio step up to perform all of their chart-topping smash hits, including ¡®Tokyo (Vampires And Wolves)¡¯, ¡®Techno Fan¡¯, ¡®Jump In The Fog¡¯, and ¡®Let¡¯s Dance to Joy Division¡¯ at some of Australia¡¯s leading concert venues, boasting bigger numbers and production than ever before.

Since the band¡¯s formation, The Wombats have developed a unique style and built a strong fan base in Australia.

With so much buzz surrounding ¡®¡­ This Modern Glitch¡¯ and a live performance that will blow you away, it¡¯s little wonder that Liverpool¡¯s The Wombats are widely regarded as one of the hottest live dance rock bands in the world today¡­

So don¡¯t miss out on your chance to see The Wombats, live, in their forthcoming Australian tour in October 2011.