After the hugely successful debut event, Big Love is back again with a massive line up. This time 5 different promotional companies are showcasing the talents of their best DJ¡¯s! This should be a banger!

[G]-Rated Entertainment Room:
Heath Renata
Tommy G
Adam G
Nick Litsis
Josh Kerr
Daniel Coz
Harley Gatt
Anth K
Nathan Olson
Dylan Brochado

Party Monsters & Breakfast Club:

Chris Ostrom
Kris Kolzan
Adrian Chessari

Trash Entertainment Room:

Mike Metro
Rhys Paynting
Mitch Jones
Will Lamont
Marco K
The Fielders
Sonic Vibes

Hands Up Room:
DJ Jhye
Steven Christina Vs James
Mr. Shardz
DJ Benni J
DJ Mitch
DJ Axel Mun