Two Door Cinema Club at the Prince Band Room

Tuesday, 8th of February 2011

The prince band room was alive and buzzing with a sturdy amount of energy, coming from beat-thirsty music lovers in anticipation for the Irish trio Two Door Cinema Club. There was still room to breathe, believe it or not as home grown indie/alternative band Parades took to the stage. Never hearing of Parades before I can now say I am a fan. Performing a short but well played set list, which every soul in the room took in song by song, behold! The crowd had fallen in love, almost forgetting why they had come.

Finishing their set at half past seven, Parades lead singer Tim Jenkins questioned the crowd if they where ready for the eagerly awaited Two Door Cinema Club. The now full room screamed back in excitement as dance music vibrated through the very foundations of the building, only a small taste of what was to come. At exactly eight, Two Door Cinema Club took to the stage, starting off the performance with ¡°Cigarettes in the Theatre¡± which was a crowd pleaser, causing immediate reaction. The floor turned into an all out dance floor and did not die down for one second.

The first hit single ¡°Something Good Can Work¡± from their 2010 album ¡°Tourist History¡± blew up the room. Half way through the set, ginger front man Alex Trimble shared a heart felt moment with the bands followers, stating he was so glad to do an underage show. This followed by a statement about how he and the lads knew how it felt to not be able to get into shows made the crowd go wild. The indie dance sensation treated the fans to ¡°Handshake¡± a newer song on their set list which was smooth with a strong back beat but upheld the bands musical values, possibly a taste of what¡¯s to come in the future.

Every mouth screamed the lines to the last few songs and the band was called back for an encore with stamping feet and all. Jumping back on stage to play the final leg of their 14 song set, the band launched into action. Not a single person stood still in room; even I couldn¡¯t help but start to dance to the band¡¯s lively punch-drunk electro pop hit ¡°Come Back Home¡±. This was followed by ¡°I can talk¡±, which through blood sweat and tears, every person managed to move to.

Two Door Cinema Club left everyone with high expectations for the next time they visit Australia. Although they have a large loyal fan basis, it¡¯s safe to say that any new material will attract even more attention. The boys from Bangor will be welcomed back anytime and they better book a venue big enough to handle the increase in an already successful 2011 and I just can¡¯t wait to be there.

Review By: Eloise Gandolfo