ESCAPE THE FATE is running straight for rock stardom, exuding a spirit of chaotic mischief, reminiscent of the riotous Motley Crue, which they capture brilliantly in their electrifying live shows. Hailing from the world¡¯s most outlandish city, Las Vegas, ESCAPE THE FATE are conquering crowds and packing venues throughout the world, enslaving a legion of faithful fans at each stop with their brand of boisterously addictive rock.

On their self titled album, ESCAPE THE FATE delivers an addictive package full of furious energy, blending arena rock reminiscent of the 90¡¯s whilst making a stamp on what the future for rock is. The album seamlessly blends metal and melody with anthemic choruses into an epic sound only hinted at on the group¡¯s previous album, 2008¡¯s This War Is Ours¡­ ¡±Escape The Fate ¡®s album is stunning, absolutely insane.¡± ¨C

PIERCE THE VEIL have converted countless fans to their unique brand of progressive post-hardcore since 2007. With the winding, intricacy of the guitars along with the steady, punchy backup provided by the drums and the rumbling low notes of the bass all combine to create one stellar canvas upon where Vic Fuente¡¯s high-pitched croon soars high above the conglomerate of instruments. Whether they¡¯re screaming their hearts out or gently bearing their souls, their latest effort ¡®Selfish Machines¡¯ ¡°once again has the band doing what they do best: fast-paced rock with high-octane vocals.¡± ¨C

The kickass bill of ESCAPE THE FATE and PIERCE THE VEIL is slated to leave diehard fans breathless and wanting more all across Australia this April.