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How To Tackle Year 12 And Combat Exam Stress

If you are in the last years of high school, you are undoubtedly coming to the realisation that they will be some of the best and worst times of your life. When I say ‘worst’, I am of course referring to your year twelve exams.

Kanye West To Release New Album In June?

Kanye West seems to be a busy man of late. He’s dating Kim, he’s got a kid on the way and now it looks like a brand new album too.

Sequel to Inbetweeners on its way Down Under

After touring around the Greek Islands, the gang from The Inbetweeners are set to take their shenanigans to Australia for a sequel.

Natalie Portman To Join Michael Fassbender in Macbeth

Oscar winner Natalie Portman is all set to play Lady Macbeth in the new big screen adaptation of the William Shakespeare‘s popular theatre play’s Macbeth.

Justin Timberlake Australian Tour – The 20/20 Experience

Just a few moments ago, Live Nation announced that Grammy and Emmy award winning artist Justin Timberlake will embark on his first world tour in over six years.

Channing Tatum And Gordon-Levitt To Star In Guys And Dolls Remake?

Upcoming movie stars Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are set to be in the running for a big screen remake of the popular musical Guys and Dolls.

Iron man 3 – Review

The story kicks off a year after Iron Man and his band of Avengers saved the world from an alien invasion. But it’s a different Tony from the one we’re used too. Clearly suffering from a post-traumatic hangover, Stark is less cocky, less self-invested, less, well Stark.

Dizzee Rascal Featuring Robbie Williams – Goin’ Crazy

Dizzie’s worked with some of the world’s biggest stars: Calvin Harris and Shakira to name a few. Well, the rapper has decided to join forces with British pop star Robbie Williams on their latest single ‘Goin’ Crazy ’.

Mental Illness – Anxiety, Stress & Depression

A person’s mental state depends on many factors including lifestyle, stress and relationships. However, it can often feel as though your mental state is out of your control and you are dealing with more than you can handle. This can be disconcerting and make you feel overwhelmed.

Sergeant Brody Is Back For Homeland 3

Who isn’t hooked onto Homeland yet? The spy drama is one of the most watched and acclaimed TV series on the market at the moment (right next to Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad)

Gotye Shows His Commitment To Community Radio

Community radio in Australia is at risk of becoming non-existent if next week’s federal budget cannot sustain it in the digital broadcasting future.

The Great Gatsby Soundtrack Out And About!

You come to expect music like this from Baz Luhrmann, so its no surprise that The Great Gatsby features a wealth of fabulous and famous artists. The soundtrack includes the likes of Jay-Z and Sia, The xx, Lana Del Rey and Florence and the Machine.

Ghostbusters 3 On The Right Course…Finally!

There’s something strange in the neighborhood… and yes that something strange is that Ghostbusters 3 could be on its way to cinemas. The third film of the now so-called trilogy is still in the works of being made according to star from the original films, Dan Aykroyd.

Adele Working On Her Third Studio Album

She’s won Grammys, MTV Music Awards and even an Oscar and she is returning with a bang! Superstar Adele is set to release her next album in mid 2014, according to various reports.