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Money Smart

Youth Allowance – Everything I Need To Know

Youth Allowance is financial help for people between the ages of 16 to 24, whom are either studying full time, undertaking an apprenticeship or looking for full time work. The idea behind Youth Allowance is to ensure that students can have a little financial support during the years they are trying to establish their careers.

Income, Expenses And How To Save Money

Sometimes it’s very hard to save money. You can find yourself spending more than you earn. So it’s best in times like these to have a budget.

So what’s a budget?
Basically a budget helps you keep track of the money you earn regularly, also known as income (such as salary, wages, and even interest rates from the bank). At the same time, it helps you know where you’ve spent your money on, or expenses. These include bills, rent, food and so forth.

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