Three Rhode Island residents were charged on Sunday with allegedly hurling beer bottles and profanities at security officers outside of country-pop singer, Taylor Swift¡¯s home. According to the Westerley Sun newspaper the residents ¨C Michael Horrigan (29), Tristan Kading (28) and Emily Kading (26) were charged with disorderly conduct over the incident.

The ¡®Red¡¯ singer¡¯s security guard Ryan Poirier contacted the police, who said that the suspects threw beer bottles onto the property ¨C only to raise their middle fingers and shout profanities at him when they were confronted.

Patrolman Matthew Hayden said he was forced to call for backup when Horrigan took off running. The remaining pair were taken into custody and identified as the perpetrators. The rambunctious trio were eventually reunited at Westerley police station where they were charged with misdemeanor breach of peace, ordered to attend court at a later date and instructed to steer clear of Swift¡¯s property.

Despite reports, Tristan Kading told TMZ that there was no animosity in their actions. He said that the events had been misinterpreted. They had not been flipping off the guards; they were simply throwing up the peace sign as homage to Swift¡¯s ¡®22¡¯ music video.

This is not the first trouble the singer has had while living in the $17 million property. Since moving in 2013, police have made two trespassing arrests. In July last year, 55-year-old Joseph Bernatche was charged with trespassing after he handed the singer¡¯s security a note to pass along to Swift. It was not the first time he had trespassed either ¨C he allegedly attempted the same mission a month earlier.

Taylor Swift should consider herself ¡®The Lucky One¡¯, as she was not home for either of the incidents. Who knew Taylor would be so much trouble when she moved in¡­.