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Katy’s new single, Roaring to the top!

Katy Perry’s new image has spiked the artist to the top of the ARIA charts with her hit single, Roar. No longer wearing her famous blue wig, or dancing with jelly babies and getting covered by clouds, Katy’s new single Roar has gone Number 1.

Roar pushed last week’s leader, Jason Derulo’s ‘Talk Dirty’ and Swedish DJ Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’, as it staked it’s claim as the most listened song in the country.

The music video is on its way with a super sneak peak of 21 seconds being digitally released to the public. Not surprisingly, given the title the clip shows Katy mingling with the animals of the jungle including an elephant, exotic bird-life, an alligator and a little monkey. Throughout the clip Katy swings through the trees Tarzan-style, in what promises to be a jungle filled experience for fans.

Roar is part of Katy’s new album Prism, but it’s not the only songs that has made it out to the public, including two 30-second snippets of “Dark Horse” and “Walking on Air“.

Prism is set for release on the 22nd of October and will represent a change in persona from the Teenage Dreams singer. Katy said that Roar was the toughest single she wrote, because it was all about her own battles.

‘I started the record in November, but things were really flowing by the spring and it’s a song about standing up for yourself,” Katy told MTV News. “Who can be the biggest bully in the equation is yourself and can get in your way and it’s a song about speaking up for yourself and having the strength.”

Katy did say she didn’t care if Roar was a success, as long as she knew it felt right inside. “You can never be too sure because it doesn’t always work out like that,” Katy said.

“But for me I’ve always kind of gone with my intuitive feeling — if something really moves me, if I get those goosebumps or chicken pox, if I get those then I know it struck a chord in me.”

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