As decreed from social media (the source of all truth in this world): AJ Maddah ¨C Soundwave Festival promoter and tweeting fanatic ¨C has got our diaries out and told us to pencil in the following ¨C The Warped Tour is happening, in a big way, at the end of 2013.

If you¡¯re struggling to remember the last time you went to Warped, it¡¯s probably because there¡¯s a good chance you¡¯ve never been. The last time they made it to our shores was way back in 2002 ¨C which some may remember as the year The Ketchup Song changed the way they would dance forever.

To give you an idea, Warped is said to be about ¡°mayhem and DIY punk rock spirit¡± ¨C which translated from Maddah¡¯s unique brand of spin means that it¡¯s going to include more up and comers in the set list, with some big names chucked in to get everyone through the gates.

If, like me, you jumped on Google and tried to get a glimpse of who might be featuring in the line up, don¡¯t get too far ahead of yourself ¨C there was some slight *cough* mass confusion when Maddah was bigging up the ¡°professional internationals¡± poised to play ¨C apparently this was in reference to the next Soundwave, and not Warped. In all fairness, this was being told amongst the hysteria before Blink 182 took to the stage at Soundwave in Brisbane the February, so it¡¯s easy to see how the message could have easily been lost in translation/ no one caring at that point.

What we have been told is that it¡¯s likely we¡¯re going to see a more familiar group of bands that are featuring in the UK lineup, as opposed to who¡¯s signed on for the American tour. Think Yellowcard, Rise Against and Capture the Crown as an idea of who we might be seeing, but we¡¯ll know for realsies sometime this June.

Warped is sticking mainly to the east coast and making it as far as Radelaide, but once again Perth fails to get a look in. Why? Apparently lack of demand, and not lack of government support, as some are suggesting.

If you take to the message boards, there seems to be a bit of a ground swell from some die hard festival junkies, saying that it¡¯d be as big as Soundwave (optimistic perhaps) ¨C but this seems to have lead to some rumours of sideshow making it out West, whereas we¡¯re being told down the east coast that no such luck, just grab your ticket to Warped, a cool $99, if you really want to see your fav band.

Fingers crossed W.A.!

The all important dates:

Brisbane? ¨C Friday, 29th November
Coffs Harbour? ¨C Saturday, 30th November
Sydney ¨C Sunday, 1st December
?Canberra ¨C Friday, 6th December
Melbourne? ¨C ?Saturday, 7th December
Adelaide ¨C Sunday, 8th December