Current death threats by North Carolina chapter of the Gangster Disciples made to Hip Hop star Rick Ross are said to be The main reason as to why is upcoming US tour dates in North Carolina were abruptly cancelled. Management for Ross insist the upcoming concerts were cancelled due to ¡°apparent lack of organization and communication on the part of the tour promoter.

The gang was founded in Chicago in the 60¡¯s by Larry Hoover and David Barksdale. The mob are reportedly furious at Ross for ¡°disrespecting¡± one of their founders by using Hoober¡¯s name on one of his tracks ¡°B.M.F¡± as well as using their gang logo (the star of David) on the cover of his release ¡°Black Bar Mitzvah mix tape¡±

The notorious and intimidating Gangster Disciples posted a clip on video sharing sight YouTube where they publicly explained their problem with Ross and made threats against his life unless they were paid tribute. The shady video features a few menacing looking dudes in gangster attire calling out Ross.

Former Gangstgers Disciples member Harold ¡°Noonie G¡± Ward (now an activist) reached out to the Hip Hop figure reminding him and us all that these situations can get out of hand, ¡°Tupac and Biggie proved that.¡±

Ross insisted on radio that his cancelled shows were not in result of his hear of the gangster threats but police are taking the matter further and an investigation is currenlt under way to resolve the beef.